Why Have this survey?

For Larger, Listed, Historic, Cherished properties that require more detail and more attention.

Listed, Historic & Cherished Building Surveys

When purchasing this type of building, it is essential to obtain independent specialist advice from someone who understands traditional building techniques. Surveying old buildings requires a completely different approach as many older buildings have defects which have run with them for many years, whilst others have been spoilt by inappropriate repairs in the past, or over-restoration. Informed sensible advice is therefore of the utmost importance.

Routine maintenance of this type of building is essential. Our Surveys for older properties detail it's current state of repair and where future expenditure may be required. Alterations to a listed property cannot be made without consent. We can help you identify where future issues may arise or where previous alterations may have been unlawfully carried out. A detailed understanding of a building is essential to help ensure it's successful conservation and maintenance.

Informed sensible advice is therefore of the utmost importance.

Our Report is larger to reflect the additional information, additional research, summaries for solicitors and estate agents.

Should you wish to find out more about historic building conservation, or historic buildings themselves, the following organisations may prove useful.

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